It generally takes some time to activate various services. Most services can become active within 24-48 hours. A few may take a bit longer since they are out of our hands - between 1-4 days. Many Control Panel items (such as email changes) take place in minutes. Examples:

  • The time it takes to "re-address" and "propagate" your domain to servers worldwide is out of our hands. Your ownership of a domain is immediate, but its listing worldwide is another matter.
  • Domain Transfers or changes to the "nameserver" address (to send your domain to our hosting address) is also out of our hands, since other organizations worldwide are again involved. This can take 48-72 hours or more.
  • Site updates performed by UltiHost (once your site is created) is based on the work involved. If it is simple maintenance, it can usually be done within hours, or even minutes! However, due to operational circumstances and client load variations, we can only 'guarantee' 24-48 hours for updates. This is the exception however - most basic updates are done as soon as possible.

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