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I am confused by all the stats - which are most important?
The most important stats are the VISITS and PAGES. Of second importance is the UNIQUE REFERRERS.
  • VISITS tells you how many distinct visitors you had on a daily basis. Unlike other stats programs that list only HITS (which can be very misleading since they encompass every text and graphic file a browser calls) we offer both HITS and SESSIONS. The SESSIONS number is far more important to judge how busy your site is.
  • PAGES tells you how many different web pages on your site are looked at. You can compare this to the VISITS to determine if they are looking at your entire site, or only parts of it. (EX: If you have 3 pages, and there are 10 sessions and 30 pageviews, they looked at them all. If there are 10 sessions and only 10 pageviews, they probably just look at a single page - and so on)
  • REFERRERS are the pages that a caller clicked on to load a page on your web site. You will notice on your stats, that all of your own pages are listed. This is because they TOO lead callers to other pages of your site. However, there are also listings of various Search Engines Pages, and possibly other pages, that are NOT yours. These will indicate that people are finding your web site via other sources on the Internet. 
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