Any unsolicited email we receive (other than inquiries from potential clients) that is not a legitimate email with matching REPLY TO, FROM, and ISP info, is sent directly to SPAMCOP. This service diagnoses the spam, retrieving all possible hosts and/or ISP's involved, and then sends official letters of complaint to them. This usually results in the spammer being kicked off the service.

The hosts or ISP's are also encouraged to enter the spammer's REAL IDENTITY on a list that is kept online for the world to monitor. ISP's or hosts are asked to review this list, to prevent the spammer from regaining access to the internet via a new host or ISP. SPAMCOP also enters any found information regarding the spammer to this list as well, along with any ISP's that allow such practices to continue.

As you can see, we take this very seriously, and you should too before you consider sending any unwanted email to any of our possible addresses. - UltiHost