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FACT: The highest grossing Realtors use our services for their web needs, and for good reason - THEY GET RESULTS!
FACT: We have created Realty Web Sites far longer than most! While others have recently jumped into this specialized design field, we've already been doing it for YEARS!
One of the types of web sites we specialize in is Real Estate. Many of the top selling Realtors come to us for site design, since we know their needs and their sites get results! We do not offer premade "cookie-cutter" sites like the others - we only do custom made web sites that are designed to meet the client's needs in both looks and features. Our sites can include:
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Site Language Translation Plug-Ins
  • Mailing lists - notify customers of updates and new listings!
  • Email Autoresponders
  • Realty Term Definitions
  • Links for various Realty Resources (Mortgages, Appraisals, etc.)
  • and more...

If you want something better than a site that looks like all the others, and you want to actually have your site found easily, you need a custom site - one that includes all the correct programming for the Search Engines, and one that is designed with the look you want and the features you need. Do not be mislead into thinking that just any old web site is fine. There is a reason the successful businesses on the web choose a good designer and host system - it gets results!

There are over 100,000 Realty web sites out there - do you want to just be #100,001 - Or do you want to be FOUND, and gain business?

We offer Affordable, Effective sites - see why!

Don't get left behind by the competition!

At UltiHost - we can help! It's important to hire a web designer that has experience in designing sites for Realtors, and more importantly, for your customers! Sure, there are plenty of cheap "pre-made" sites out there (or even free ones!) - and they SHOULD be cheap, since there is no professional, custom, regional programming, or years of experience involved! Our sites are designed on a one-to-one basis, with every need of each customer carefully examined and fulfilled.

Let your competitors waste their money and use those horrible sites that are hard to find, and overloaded with junk your customers will never use.

Realtor.Com - Yes or No? Using Realtor.Com is a good idea, since it receives so much business. But, it can become costly to list all your properties, or you can lose business by not being able to present all your information about your services to potential clients! And, Realtor.Com is only good for finding potential BUYERS, and does little to hook you up with SELLERS. Why not place just a few ads on Realtor.Com, with links back to your custom web site? This way, you can show potential Buyers all your up to date properties, give them ways to contact your staff, see what other services you offer, and so on! Also, your site can have information that potential Sellers will need to see. Sellers do NOT go to Realtor.Com to find realtors - but they DO go to Realty web sites!
We know what works and what doesn't, and can tell you what the customers want to see. There's nothing worse than an "unfriendly" web site that frustrates the caller with too much junk or poor "navigation". Since the Internet is an "instant" media, they will INSTANTLY leave your site and go elsewhere! Our designs are very "search friendly" and "user friendly" - they are easy to find when people search for them, and easy to use once they get there.
We make sure your site is as "web popular" as possible! And, we can professionally maintain your site if you like - making sure it's always up to date, looking as good as possible, having the most optimized pictures and graphics - to keep your business growing! This also frees up any employees from having to do all the editing, uploading, and all the other chores involved with a professional web site - We take all the worry and work out of it, and you gain all the benefits!

So - what are you waiting for? - Find out why the TOP REALTORS use UltiHost! Contact us today for all the information, requirements, and ask any questions you may have. We'll be glad to explain all the facts stated here, as well as advise you on everything you need to have a professional, profitable presence on the Internet. We offer several levels of Web Design, with a price that's sure to meet your budget. Bottom line - we've done this longer, and we do it better! If you want to compete with the leaders, you need the same resources as the leaders - that includes your web site and it's design, hosting, and maintenance.

Please be sure to include your Name, Business Name and Address, and Phone when you contact us.