Special Information for Realtors!

Here's a few facts for Realtors:

  • FACT : Small business on the Web is growing day by day - and more and more consumers refer to the Web rather than the Yellow Pages!
  • FACT: The sales commission on a SINGLE house will probably more than pay for your web site, and most realtors that maintain and promote their web sites sell far more than that via the site - why miss out on these sales?
  • FACT : More than 86% of online consumers used the Internet to look for a house or shop for a home loan according to a survey released by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America (MBA).
  • FACT : Most "Free" or "Pre-Made" web sites do not work! Most cannot be properly found by many search engines, or are too limited in design which prevents you from presenting your business YOUR way! Also, many include annoying ads or popup screens that will merely drive your customers away. Over 95% of Real Estate sites are never found by customers! - The sites we design ARE!
  • FACT : Most companies that offer sites "JUST FOR REALTORS" cannot offer the personalized design and support that UltiHost can!
  • FACT : For a comparatively small investment, and small monthly hosting and maintenance fees, you can reach more customers, with more information, for far LESS money than any other form of advertising! (Some designers charge anywhere from $5000 to $50,000 for a Realty site! Get a quote from us and compare!)
  • FACT : Having your Customers being able to see the home, and instantly contact you via E-Mail, saves you time and money. Less driving around showing several homes, less people needed to answer phones, etc. Also, since the caller can see the home, and read everything about it online, they are already half "sold" on the purchase! Most will arrive with checkbook in hand, since they are so eager to see the property!
  • FACT : A Realtor can list their "qualities" on the web site, making it easier to find Sellers as well as Buyers! The advantage of a web site over print ads, is you can list as much information as you like, for far less cost!
  • FACT : Of all the businesses on the Internet, Real Estate is one of the fastest and largest growing areas! Be sure to use the best site design and hosting to take advantage of this booming market!

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