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In the Nov. 2002 issue of "Realtor Magazine", there was a column called "Top Performer" which featured ReMax Real Estate Agent Diane Carroll, and her story of creating her web site. While Dianne may in fact be a top producer with a great sales record, we just can't believe that she and Realtor Magazine think this web site was worthy of praise, or worth the price! - read on...

We reviewed this web site and were not impressed to say the least. There is a TON of area sales and market history, but our demographic research and visitor viewing statistics reveals that very few web surfers would ever bother to look at 90% of this information. And the information that site visitors actually DO want to see, was not easy to find.

Other problems with the site (at the time of our review) include:

  • A "movie intro" that isn't there
  • Very few 'correct' hidden features and keywords that allow the site to be found by Search Engines
  • An incorrect overall size for a 800x600 screen (which is what it was supposed to be designed for - it's too big!)
  • An incorrect Title Bar listing (the part up at the top of your web browser) that is way too long, and doesn't even include the name of the site.
  • Pages that load into frames, that do not fit since they too are larger than the frame.
  • Another page that loads in a new window (which is what the framed pages should have done), but that window is also too small!
  • Hard to find the actual listings. We ended up finding only 5 actual home listings under "Showcased Homes", and while they had a 360 degree photo tour, there was little or no information about the homes!

There may be more technically wrong with this site, but we stopped the review at this point - we saw enough! Considering that at the time of the review this site was in operation for almost 2 years already, this amount of errors is inexcusable in our opinion.

The overall look and navigation of the site was not good either - things were hard to find, or certain sections were confusing. And the overall look could best be described as "beginner" or "amateur"

UPDATE! : We used to have a link here for you to go and see this site for yourself. Unfortunately, the site no longer exists. (Gee - wonder why...) However, we are leaving this information available as a record of what can take place if you are not wise when choosing site design and hosting. Please read on....


Keep in mind that with UltiHost:

  • Our Realty Sites usually cost between $800 and $3000
  • Our sites can be completed within a few weeks, to 1-2 months depending on the client's input and/or size of the site.
  • It's $20 a month to Host the site.
  • We can maintain the entire site (listings, other info, etc.) for costs that usually range between $25 and $100 a Month.
  • Also keep in mind our years of experience behind the design and support of your site and it's operation.

Now here's the background of this reviewed web site:

  • According to Dianne (the site owner), this site took 8 MONTHS to create.
  • She hired College and High School KIDS to do the work.
  • She paid $20,000 for this web site! (That's not a typo - 20 GRAND!)
  • She pays $200 a MONTH to maintain it, and that does NOT include the price she pays to create a "360 degree virtual tour" for every home - that's additional.

The Bottom Line - If you want custom work, backed by years of experience, at a reasonable price, the clear choice is UltiHost!

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