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Creating a GOOD Web Site takes more than just a basic knowledge of code or simple software. A good site should be tapered to the needs of the particular client, and this includes using special graphics if need be, adding the correct devices to qualify for the Search Engines to find you, and doing it all with some style and taste applied! And, your web designer should be available for you, to make any changes or updates to your site. Web Sites usually change over time - sometimes daily! Having a designer you feel comfortable with, and that caters to your needs, is very important!

You should ask the following questions of any Web Designer BEFORE you contract with them to create your Web Site! After all, this site represents YOU!

Questions to ask :

  1. What software is at your disposal to create the website - Graphics Software - Editing Software? While most of a website can be created using a good HTML editor, the more "tools" a web designer has in his or her "arsenal" to create what YOU need, the better! Creating the correct image formats, and sizing and quality of the graphics, is critical to a fast, good looking website. And the format, layout, and style of your website should make you happy as well! Have this all explained to you at length, and be sure the answers satisfy you! (At UltiHost we use the lastest and most 'capable' software available for editing, graphics, etc)
  2. Do you have References? Can I contact them? You should be able to see Sample Web Sites, and contact at least one or more clients of the designer, to satisfy you that you will be getting what you pay for. Keep in mind though, that no 2 websites look the same, and a good designer can make your site look like almost anything you want. Check if the designer has letters of recomendation as well. (We post several of our letters of recomendation, and will gladly give serious customers references and samples as well.)
  3. What Features do you recommend, and what Features do you avoid? Many Websites are composed of slow, un-needed junk, just to add some "glitz" to the site. Any features that are NOT necessary, only add to the time it takes to load a web page, and should be avoided. Have the designer explain what they normally recommend, and why they avoid certain features! (We wrote the book on speed and efficiency, and we also understand what the typical online caller wants to see. We keep informed of the current trends, and reflect that in all our design work.)
  4. What experience do you have Online? Not only should you ask how long the designer has be creating Web Sites, you should also get a feel for their background in the "online" world as well! The more experience he or she has in the various electronic communication fields out there, the better their "feel" for what works, and what doesn't! (We've been in the online communications business far longer than most hosts or designers, in all the areas that matter - communications, graphics, PC connectivity, and so on. Working on the Internet is second nature to us.)
  5. How can the designer be contacted? Legitimate designers are BUSINESS PEOPLE! They should be accessible in ways other than just e-mail! Be wary of the many "wanna-be" designers out there! (At UltiHost, we not only offer ways for you to contact us, we also make sure to keep in touch with YOU. No customer is too small that we can't pick up the phone if there's a problem.)
  6. What Guarantees do you offer regarding my website? Be sure that the web designer stands behind their work! No Money Back is common, since you could "steal" a designers creation. However, you should feel that you will get what you pay for, and that the designer will do what they must to satisfy your needs! Also, a good web design will incorporate methods that can get you listed properly on the Internet Search Engines. Make sure this is explained to you, and that you are satisfied with the methods used to increase your search ranking!

At ULTIHOST, we offer the RIGHT answers to all these questions! Feel free to contact us to request a Site Consultation.

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