Account Overlaps

When you switch a Credit Card billing plan, be it for using a different credit card or switching to a different Hosting Plan, there may be a few days of "overlap" where your payments exist for both accounts. This is unavoidable since we must continue your service, and also allow you to make a payment in time to renew your hosting for the following month. We usually notify you to setup your new billing account about 3 days before your present account expires. This way there is no interruption in service. (You may of course setup a new account even sooner, but that will result in more "overlap" of the 2 payment periods - this is up to you!) If we left it to the last minute, you may not get your payment in on time, and your site may go offline. The few extra pennies spent having both accounts active for 3 days is well worth it to keep your account alive and well!

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