My Email still isn't working - now what? 

In virtually every case we have dealt with regarding clients having email problems, it comes down to something being entered wrong in the clients email program. Here's some tips:

1) Email information (especially passwords) may be CASE sensitive! Other than a place where it asks for your real name (or "your name"), you should use the same capitol or small letters you entered in the email setup in the control panel with regards to email address, username and password. NOTE: If you are using a Microsoft product, you may have to re-enter BOTH the username and password in pop-up boxes to actually reset the password. This is a flaw in most of Microsoft's products. If you only replace the password, it will fail yet again!

2) Be sure to include your full address where the email program asks for your email address ( - leaving out the domain name, or the .com etc., will cause the email retrieval to fail.

3) Be sure of your ISP's mail server address if you are using them to SEND the email. We recommend using the ISP, since it saves storage on your hosting system and avoids you appearing to 'bounce' email and getting tagged as a spammer - just be sure that the outgoing server information is correct.

4) Your incoming server is your domain name. You do not need to use the "www" - is fine. Again - make sure the CASE matches - if in doubt use lowercase letters.

5) The Mail Manager in the Control Panel is pretty straight forward, but some email readers (such as Outlook Express, etc.) are not. Test your email after you set both items up - send yourself an email. If it doesn't arrive, try loading Web Mail in your control panel, and log in to your email account from there and see if the message is present. If it is NOT there, your Outgoing mail is not setup correctly. If it IS there, then your incoming email setup is wrong. Start going over those particular settings to find the problem.

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