Site Saturation - Up the Odds!

Our Site Saturation method really isn't any type of "fixed program". Let us explain...

To get your business saturated in the Search Engines (lots of different listings), you need to have more URL's or Domains to be able to submit to the Search Engines. This means there are many more listings in the Search Results that will pertain to YOU and your business. (Note - this is not the same as increasing your RANKING - just SATURATION - see LINK POPULARITY for ranking increase.)

In the past this meant actually designing, uploading, and hosting multiple sites - this can become costly, and may be beyond your budget. With our Domain Name Service, we offer 2 methods of URL forwarding (URL only and Frame Forward). This allows you to simply buy a Domain Name at the low cost of $22 a year, and with our service, you can have all URL requests to that domain FORWARD the caller (or search engine!) to your main site. Not all Search Engines are fooled this way, but most are - especially when using Frame Forwarding! It's like having multple web businesses online for only the cost of the Domain! (Note that Frame Forwarding can NOT be used if your main site is already running Frames - you must us URL Forward instead.)

To put it simply -

That's all there is to it! While not as effective as some other methods, Saturating the Search Engines with your site is one way to up the odds of being found! It's like having 20 Classified ads in the paper, or 100 listings in the phone book, etc.

For more details, or to purchase more Domain Names and take advantage of our free features and gain Saturation - Click Here!

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