The UltiHost Mega Submission Program

What makes our Site Submission Program different from all the rest? We don't just submit to a few large Search Engines - in fact - we don't even limit our submissions to Search Engines!

Our Mega Submission Program will place your site in hundreds of Search Engines - big and small. It will also submit your site to Link Pages, Newsletters, and Online Classifieds where ever possible. In all, it will cover 1000 to 1500 submissions per month - and we will automatically resubmit your site each month for a year! That's a possible total of 18,000 submissions!

We will also send you an email that will contain a summary of the amount of submissions each month as well, since these pages and submission sources change constantly.

Ask yourself - Do you have the time to hunt down and track all these possible submission sources each month? Do you have time to manually submit to all of them? But also ask yourself - Can you afford not to? In today's competitive Internet you need every edge you can find, and our Mega Submission Program will give you that edge at a very affordable price!

Submission of each URL to 1000 to 1500 locations (Engines, Link Pages, Newsletters or Classifieds) every month, for a full year! (18,000 possible total submissions!) Plus a confirmation email -

One Full Year for only $99.95 !

Most other programs charge $30 a month for anything near this type of service. But at UltiHost we believe it we can't do it BETTER, we just don't do it. So, don't even think this over - it's a no-brainer - sign up today for the most powerful submission program on the web!

$99.95 - Please Choose your Payment Method:

Contact us if you have any questions or encounter any problems.

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