The UltiHost Link Popularity Program

The more Search Engines see other sites linking to your pages, the more importance they place on your site, bumping you up the ladder and giving your web site a higher RANKING. Increasing your RANKING is the best way to get your site found in a Search Engine, since many 'surfers' never go past the first 10 pages or so of results. While you can attempt to get other web sites to place a link to YOUR site on their pages, this is not always so simple to do. The only sure fire way is to place pages online yourself!

Free Hosts usually don't cut it, since the Search Engines may never find their way past the main page of the Host, and will ignore subfolders where they place your free online storage. If you are serious about marketing your site, and have the budget, then placing more sites online that simply link back to your main site is the tried and true method - period!

This of course means owning more Domains, and paying to Host some basic one page sites, but this is actually very affordable compared to other forms of print and media advertising. We recommend no less than 6 months and at least a few extra domains for this to be at all effective. The more you can afford, the better the results!

To break it all down, it will require you purchase more domains, more hosting, and have a simple page to upload. The actual names of the Domains is not critical, and the page can be very basic, since we only want the Search Engines to find it - not the public! Costs start at $22 a year per domain name, plus $108 for each 6 months of hosting per domain. You may also incur a small design fee if you need a page designed for the new extra domains. (You can use the same exact page for all of them!)

But Wait! - We may be able to offer you better pricing if you commit to a large enough "package"! And - using the Link Popularity Program also covers the Site Saturation as well, if you use enough Domains! It's like 2 packages in one!

It's up to you to decide how many extra single page sites like this you can afford, but the more you place in the Search Engines, the higher the ranking of your MAIN site will go! Remember - most people rarely make it past the first 10 pages of Search Results - Can you afford to be on page 50?

We know that Budgets and Needs vary greatly from client to client - so click the link below and we will evaluate YOUR particular situation and needs, and we will put together a proposal for you. There's no commitment - give us some details and we will tell you our recommendations and pricing!

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