For years, one of the main goals at UltiHost was to not only Design and Host Web Sites, but also to get them found in the Search Engines. After all, a web site that no one finds is worthless.

To accomplish this, we had to study how the various Search Sites worked. We discovered that there are certain ways to tweak web sites that will help raise our clients to the highest possible ranking without large additional expense. There are also certain ways and timings to submit these tweaks that increase your rankings.

We also discovered that Search Engines always change their criteria and programming, so we must constantly update and tweak the sites to keep them on top. Contrary to some other methods that many "marketing" sites offer, the answer is not to 're-submit' the site all the time, or to just use proper 'keywords', etc. This is all 'old-school' marketing, and has little or no effect these days. Instead, it is an intricate combination of several items, and how, when, and where these items are applied.

We call this our our SEARCH ENGINE SYNERGY system, and there is nothing like it in the world. Only UltiHost constantly monitors how the Search Engines operate, and adjusts to the changes to keep your site higher in the rankings.

Our results are indeed worth the efforts. For example, many of our our sites that are using the Search Engine Synergy Program are usually within the top three listings on a Google Search within 3-6 months of the site being placed online. In many cases, our sites are the #1 listing. (If the site is a type with a lot of competition, these goals may take a year or so.) However, others that promise the same results never even get sites listed on the first 10 Pages of Google in this time, unless they charge several hundred dollars a month to use methods that are just not necessary. For a few dollars a month (included in our standard Hosting Fee), we do it for you, and more effectively than anybody else!

Our research has shown that most people browsing the internet will never go past the first few pages of Search Results. Therefore, it is critical that your site show up on the first, second, or third page. In most cases, we far exceed this requirement.

Isn't it worth a few dollars a month to assure that your site will be found, and gain you new business? We already know the answer to this question, and now - you do too!