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How to choose a web host? We can offer some advice:

Companies you should try to avoid! - Internet Providers will dedicate most of their bandwidth and processing to connections, not web site hosting. Companies that sell software or hardware will have much of their computing and connections setup to run their main business. And places like Search Sites or Online Mega-Communities also devote the majority of their computing power to things other than the delivery of your web site! All of these are not a wise choice for professional hosting.

Be wary of "discount" hosts - Most go "belly-up" after a short while, and few can offer decent service. Some are in fact running on home computers, or doing things like sharing storage space and IP addresses, all of which can degrade the operations of your site! The fact is, it costs a certain amount of money to offer the best connections, computing power, and routing of your site. This just cannot be done properly for "$6.99 a month"!

Here at UltiHost, we do things right. Site and Hosting services ONLY, on the best equipment and connections!


You might be able to find "cheaper" host systems, but remember, you get what you pay for! We offer many professional features that the competition doesn't. Just look at what our Hosting package includes:

  • A full, easy to use Web Site Control Panel
  • Site Statistics to track visitors, plus other account usage information
  • Full Email Controls to create/manage accounts - with Autoresponders, Forwarding, and Spam Filtering
  • Web Mail - allows you to send/read email from any web browser, anywhere in the world (so feature packed you don't even need a mail program like Outlook)
  • An exclusive "Customer Support" area, featuring Software Downloads, news and reviews concerning the online world, plus more.
  • Marketing Tools to promote your site!
  • Servers that are connected to multiple internet backbones, with automated routing to send your site via the fastest, most reliable connection, and the best equipment to store and run your site! (see the Technical Info page!)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Be sure to see our Tech Info to see why our system is so fast and reliable. Along with the added features listed above, it's easy to see why UltiHost is a bargain at any price!

UltiHost is your ultimate hosting solution . . .

ABOUT DOMAIN NAME "Administration"

If you register a Domain via UltiHost, you retain total ownership of your Domain Name, including Administration rights. The person listed as the administrator is the one that is allowed to make any changes to your Domain information - it's host, your address, email, etc. Why do we mention this?

Not all hosts do that. Instead, they offer to register the domain for you, and THEY list themselves as the Administrator! Our experience has shown that sometimes there's a loss of communication between the hosting company, the domain owner, and the domain management company, which can result in lost billing, downtime, or even the loss of your domain! That is why we recommend that the domain name is registered to, and Administered by - YOU!

We do offer Domain Management as an option to our customers, where we can enter all the details for you, make payments for you, etc. However, we never list UltiHost as the Administrator - we only enter your account with your permission to handle all the 'dirty work' for you, so to speak. At no time do we take over your account - you own the domain, plain and simple!


UltiHost was designed from the ground up, using the latest state of the art components and the highest quality materials. We offer the fastest, most reliable data transfer and storage around. We also offer all the key features you need to manage a web site with ease! We've been in the "online" business a long time - before the days of the Web, and even longer than AOL! We know what works when it comes to site hosting. Sure, there are cheaper hosts out there, but none better, and that's our mission - to give you the power, speed, and features you need to go head to head with the competition! Remember the old saying - you get what you pay for!


You may find less expensive places to host your web site, but none as reliable as UltiHost! If you are running a business, you want your site to always be available - 24 hours a day! Choosing a "bargain" host may save you some money, but not having your web site available will surely cost you far more!

  • We use the finest equipment available, and will continue to do so.
  • ISP's (Internet Service Providers, like AOL or Earthlink) cannot match a professional hosting system, since their core business and data processing is dedicated to dial-up and Internet Access.
  • Corporations that sell hardware or software, or run search engines, etc., also dedicate their processing to things other than the delivery of your web site! Not good!
  • Other systems play "catch-up" to try and keep pace with the ever growing Internet. UltiHost was designed for easy expansion right from the get go!
  • We have a modular design - both in hardware and software - making it easy stay up to date without trying to mix and match the old and the new.
  • Our rates are more than fair for high quality, high speed, dependable service.

We encourage you to shop around, since we know you have now found the best hosting service possible! Compare our pricing to others out there (some of which charge far more), and then compare the features, equipment, reliability, and our unique support. Take a look at our TECHNICAL INFO and compare it to others. Click on our Money Back Guarantee and read all about it! Then come back and place your order - we know that you will!

Please Note:

To keep our costs down, WE ONLY DEAL WITH CUSTOMERS LOCATED IN THE UNITED STATES! We may offer hosting of non-U.S. sites in the future.