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"Frequently Asked Hosting Questions"

What's the difference between Mail Forwarding and POP Email?

POP Email is what you presently use when you send or receive email via Netscape, Outlook, or any other email program. It uses your ISP's mail server and your account name. (IE: Using a POP Email for your business gives it a more professional look, since the mail will be sent from your Domain. (IE: Note: AOL is not a POP email account, but rather a special hybrid email that can send email "locally" within it's own service, or out to POP Email boxes on other internet systems.

Mail Forwarding "copies" an email to another address you already have. (IE: mail sent to can arrive at, or whatever other account you designate) Mail Forwarding is convenient when you wish to send a copy of email to a home account, or possibly wish to send mail to another person while someone is on vacation. (NOTE: For TRUE forwarding, where the mail never arrives at the original address but ONLY arrives at the second address, you need to create a mail filter.)

Click here for help setting up your POP Email

How fast will my site load?

Your site will run in the same operations center, on the same equipment and connections that sites including Adobe, AT&T, MSN, Yahoo, Google, and our site all run on. Testing has revealed that when site hosting is concerned, we are 4x-8x faster than AOL, 4x faster than Earthlink, and 2x faster than DellHost. This is due to over 40 Digital and Backbone connections to the Internet, and the highest speed equipment (including Quad ZEON processors in every server!) available. You would be hard pressed to find faster.

What if I exceed my Site Storage/Bandwidth?

If your site Storage exceeds your storage limit, you will not be able to include any more data or information on your web site. This includes receiving incoming email, so if you email were to stop working, it's a good chance you have uploaded far too much material. If you exceed your Bandwidth, the site may stop functioning until the following month. Both of theses situations are extremely rare, but if you suspect it could happen, please consider purchasing more Storage/Bandwidth before the situation arises.

Do you allow adult content or mass mailing on your host system?

Yes, we do allow adult content, as long as it meets our guidelines and national standards. We do NOT allow anything that may be deemed an illegal activity, such as trading unlicensed software, etc. We also do NOT allow Spamming or Unsolicited Mass Mailings, or the distribution of software used to promote such activity. We reserve the right to remove any site deemed illegal or offensive without refund.

Do you offer "E-Commerce" or online database setup?

Our servers are capable of such systems, and we offer SQL database capability. We can also recommend a charge card billing company that offers an easy to use plug-in shopping cart that may handle the needs of smaller inventories. In fact, our own Credit Card billing for Hosting is an example of such a shopping cart service. For larger varied inventories, you will probably want to install a professional shopping cart program that can handle your needs, as well as SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Can I run a large "File Site" with many daily downloads?

Probably not. Since we have to limit the amount of data transfer (bandwidth) to some degree, you will most likely exceed your limit rapidly if you allow large amounts of files to be downloaded daily. We do offer "anonymous-FTP" so that visitors can upload files to you, and you can offer a certain amount of downloads as well. Just be sure that these items do not exceed your storage or bandwidth.

Can I use "Forms" or "Guestbooks" or CGI scripts on my site?

Of course - we offer several GCI scripts you can program to work with your site, or you can upload and install your own as well.