Why checks are cheaper, but have a 6 Month Payment Plan...

Unfortunately, the cost of processing Credit Cards is rather high, so we can't offer the same price as we can for a check. Also, Credit Cards are AUTOMATICALLY REBILLED each month, and that service also costs us money. So, 95% of our clients prefer to pay by check and gain the discount.

The only downside to payment by check is that sometimes clients are late in paying, and if payment does not arrive on time, your site can go offline - and no one wants that to happen. Also since we try to give our check payment clients at least 30 days notice, if this were a monthly plan you would immediately be invoiced for a second month as well, which can cause confusion. By keeping check payments to a 6 month plan, we eliminate a lot of late payments, there is no confusion regarding a new invoice vs. the current one, and there is less chance of your web site going offline.

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