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Frequently Asked Questions

I know nothing about Web Sites - what all do I need to get started?

Can I design my own web page and just host it with you?

What are your DNS (Nameserver) Addresses?

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Hosting

Terms and Conditions for Hosting (and other General Agreements)

Do you offer help for picking Colors for my Site design?

Tools/Control Panel

Accessing your Control Panel/Web Stats/etc.

Using your Control Panel

Using your Web Statistics

I am confused by all the stats - which are most important?

How long do all the monthly stats stay available to me?

How long does it take for Services to become Active?


Do you accept credit cards for all services?

How will I be billed?

Changing Account Information (top of this page)

What happens if a payment is overdue?

Can I just cancel my hosting account by telling my credit card company not to pay?

Cancellations and Refunds

"Overlaps" when changing Credit Card used or Upgrading/Downgrading your Billing


I can't access the Password protected areas - now what?

I need you to update text and images for me. I can type the text, but how do I resize the images so that they are a decent size to E-Mail you?

You say your online experience pre-dates the Web? How is it possible that you've been around longer than others?

What is your preferred "method of contact"?

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