UltiHost is not responsible for problems with your account due to failure to read these instructions!

  1. All changes to billing or hosting plans must be made no less than ten (10) days before your present account's term expires! If you submit a change after this time, it will not take effect until the next billing period. (If you are switching to payment by CHECK, you should probably allow far more time to make sure your payment arrives in time!)
  2. If you are Upgrading or Downgrading a Hosting Plan and pay using a credit card, we must first cancel your present credit card billing account, and you must then log on to our site and create a new account by choosing the billing method you wish to switch to. We will notify you when the account is closed, and send you a link that will take you right to the page needed to create your new account at the new billing rate. Once this is complete, we will Upgrade or Downgrade your Hosting Account.
  3. If you are switching from check payment to credit card payment, we will ammend our invoicing, and notify you to go online and create a credit card account. We will provide the link to take you to the appropriate page to do so.
  4. If you are switching from credit card payment to check payment, we will cancel your credit card billing account, and send you an invoice via email for a check payment. Please remit your payment immediately to avoid interruption in service!
  5. During changes to a Hosting and Billing Plan (or just Billing method) your web site will continue to run. Just be sure to submit payment under the new plan in time to continue your sites operation.

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