Our founder started his "online" career with the setup and operation of "Bulletin Board Systems" (BBS's), which allowed callers to connect to a PC to download files, post messages, send email, chat, and more. These systems were either used by companies for support, or as local gathering places for early modem users to meet and share information. Eventually, they became so popular and sophisticated, that America Online was founded as a 'national' BBS. Callers paid a lot of money to be a part of some of these early online systems, so they had to work right and offer the caller what they were looking for. Most things that are now becoming popular on the Web originally started on Bulletin Board Systems. They also set the standard for how people 'act' online, and what they like and dislike.

His other credits include: Consultant for America Online during it's transition from a DOS based software to it's early Windows system; Founding member of COCA - the Council for Online Community Awareness; Consultant for the Premier public chat system on the Web - Pow Wow (no longer in service); Member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation - a consumer advocate group that explores and defends the online rights of computer users. His experience also includes building and maintaining PC's, computer networks, digital video and image editing, authoring of tech manuals, and the design of graphical interfaces for computer use. He has now combined all this knowledge and years of experience to develop UltiHost - to offer top notch Hosting, and to Design web sites that give the callers what they want. Compare this to most other web designers who only recently have begun their careers in the 'online world' - Very few (if any) of our competitors have this much experience dealing with online computer users, giving us an unfair advantage over the rest!

Our Associates also have similar backgrounds. Their talents range from Site Design, to researching internet trends and enhancements, to customer relations. No matter what each individuals experience may be, they all combine to provide exactly what is needed to support our clients needs to the fullest!

Our Technicians monitor the Hosting and Mail Servers, along with the "health" of our connections to the Web. They also watch the operation of the Web itself - everything from the major backbone connections to possible virus alerts that may affect our service.

There may be bigger companies out there, but there are none better. Our approach to the Web business is unique - honest, sincere, and technically adept - with the knowledge of what the consumer wants, and what the customer/client needs!