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Why choose UltiHost to design your web site?

Unlike most web site designers that have just a few years of recent experience in creating and managing an "online presence", our years of experience in the online world pre-dates the Web! This has made it easy for us to migrate to the Web, and create good looking, functional Web Sites. We have run award winning Online Services, and have created hundreds of Web Sites, both for our own use, and for private and corporate ventures. We believe that web sites should be FAST, and easy to navigate. Your goal is to get your message across - not to frustrate the reader! And since we cater to Small Business, we can advise you as to what works and what doesn't on a web site! Each Custom site is an individual creation, based on what the customer desires. (But we also try and work within the clients budget too!) We can create custom graphics, or you can supply your own. (Any License or Copyright issues of supplied images or text are the customers responsibility.) The customer can make revisions as we go, so that the final product is to their satisfaction! If you cannot design your own web site, or do not want to use one of those pre-made "cookie-cutter" sites out there, contact us to see what we can do for you!

Whatever your goals are - we can get you there!

Making your Site Effective

Everyone wants a good looking web site. But there are 2 more important things you should look for in a good design. First, the site should be easy to navigate. This is the #1 thing customers look for when hitting a web site. They want to be able to find what they are looking for. That's the whole point of the Web anyway, isn't it? We make that a high priority when designing your site. Integrating ease of use and common sense navigation into a good looking site is common practice at UltiHost. Amazingly, some of the biggest names in the online world, have some of the most unfriendly web sites! (Just try to find something a bit obscure on Microsofts site for example) Rest assured your site will be very user friendly.

And that leaves what we consider the most important aspect of a good web site. Getting FOUND! What good is your site if no one finds it? Did you know there are 6 possible ways a Search Engine or Search Directory can analyze your web site? And of those 6 possible items, 5 of them are used to list your site, with 3 of those using very specific "rules" to work correctly. We find that very few Web Designers are aware of this, and therefore lessen your chances of your site popping up in a Search Engine. At UltiHost, we incorporate the "Top 3" listing items into every site, and usually the minor 2 items as well!

While no one can guarantee that your web site will pop up "first time, every time", we can assure you that you have an edge over most other web designs since our sites are so "Search Friendly", making it easier for the entire world to find you!

Site Design Pricing, and Maintenance

Since most designs are custom, we cannot offer you "general pricing" like some designers do. However, this is actually in your favor! We have seen what other site designers charge, and they generally up the price to encompass any possible programming, graphics manipulation, or page size, no matter how much or how little you require!

If all you need is a compact car with standard features, would you expect to pay a "general" price that covers the cost of a fully loaded top of the line model? Of course not! And we don't expect you to pay that either.

We can also Maintain your site, should you need steady updates to it. We make our maintenance fees very affordable - far cheaper than it would cost to hire an employee to do it - even far cheaper than it might cost just to purchase all the needed software to do it! If you require maintenance, we will quote you a Maintenance Fee based on your individual needs!

So, E-mail us a list of what you think you will need on your web site, and we will gladly discuss costs and options with you.