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"Why Web Sites are Cost Effective"

Dollar for dollar, nothing can advertise your business as effectively as a web site. There are no "regional" considerations, since the site is displayed world wide. You can incorporate as much information as you want, unlike the costly limitations of print or media ads. And, a web site is always available to your customers, unlike a 'commercial' or even a print ad which may come out weekly, monthly, etc.

A web site can SAVE you money on other forms of advertising! Instead of having to place large ads (or several ads) containing all the information you need to advertise, you can now place a small single ad that tells your customer about the web site, and let them go there instead!

Using e-mail, there's always a way for a customer to contact you, 24 hours a day!

Having a web site is like having a store open 24 hours a day, with everything you have to sell being advertised everywhere at all times! Nothing compares....

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