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To protect ourselves, and sites or items we design or develop for our clients and customers, this notice applies to all pages and materials on the UltiHost site, as well as all pages and materials on client/customer sites. It also applies to all viewers, visitors, or 'browsers' (hereby known as 'visitors') of all UltiHost sites, or sites created by, edited by, or maintained by UltiHost. It also applies to any future management, maintenance, or design changes of sites or items created by UltiHost. It is the sole responsibility of all clients, customers, persons under their employment or hire, and any and all visitors to read and comply with this notice. As per law, claiming lack of knowledge of the law, or claiming lack of knowledge of the items contained in this notice is not an acceptable excuse for liability. Unless expressed in writing, the contents of this notice supersedes any verbal or written contracts with our clients, and should be considered an amendment to such contracts. (Other Copyrights may apply.)

1) All graphics, text, design, and intellectual property contained on this web site and it's sub-linked pages are the sole design property of UltiHost Web Design and Hosting, except where noted under "Exceptions". This includes, but is not limited to, graphics that have been custom edited by Ultihost for Web Optimization and/or Site construction, even if originally provided by the customer, as well as Custom authored text, text layout, buttons, backgrounds, etc. Exceptions: Some "public domain" graphics or custom graphics or text provided by the site customer may or may not be included in the site. Generic public domain materials are not copyrighted to UltiHost. Some materials (text and/or graphics) and the permission to use them are provided by the site customer. These materials may include customer/client created text or graphics that have not been edited or manipulated by UltiHost, or text or graphics used by permission that fall under other organizations copyrights. All permissions to use other organizations copyrighted materials lies with the customer/client.

2) These pages and their contents may not be copied or used in any way without permission of UltiHost. These pages and their contents may not be linked to, or presented in a frame as a part of any other web site, with the exception of linking the main site address as an advertisement link to the site. Permission to copy, link to, or use anything contained in a site created by Ultihost, must be granted in writing by UltiHost, or shall be viewed as a copyright infringement and/or a breech of contract.

3) Any and all scripts, programs, or software installed or provided by UltiHost retain all copyrights to the authors of said items, and may only be used by the permissions and guidelines granted with each item.

4) All Copyrights must remain in effect on any items created by UltiHost. This includes (but is not limited to) web pages, graphics, custom text, or images. Additionally, no misrepresentation of UltiHost is allowed.

  1. Copyright links or notices on web pages may be removed by the client, but cannot be replaced by another notice without the written permission of UltiHost unless nothing of UltiHost origin remains, as this would be considered a claim of creation or design by the client/site owner or someone under their employment or hire for works created by UltiHost. Should the owner or someone under their employment or hire wish to add a copyright for additional materials or changes applied to the web site, they may be added ONLY in addition to the existing UltiHost copyright information also being displayed. They cannot replace copyrights that are still in effect, or claim credit for works or creations by UltiHost.
  2. If the client/site owner or someone under their employment removes all UltiHost created content, then UltiHost no longer retains any copyrights to that page or the items within, and said party may remove all credits or copyrights with regards to UltiHost.
  3. All Copyright Meta tags must either remain in place, or coincide with additional tags. At no time can the UltiHost copyright Meta tag be replaced by another, unless all materials created by UltiHost no longer exist on the site. Multiple Copyright ID Meta tags are acceptable.
  4. UltiHost reserves the right to prevent misrepresentation by substandard product, and we therefore reserve the right to have any links, mentions or credits to UltiHost removed from a site, should we deem changes to it below our standards.
  5. UltiHost may not be misrepresented in any negative aspect by the client/site owner or someone under their employment or hire.
  6. Sites, images, and or content created by UltiHost may indeed be edited by the client/site owner or someone under their employment or hire, but at no time may they take credit for original creation of such items. New content is of course of their own creation, and all rights for those items reside with the client/site owner or someone under their employment or hire.

5) UltiHost is not responsible, nor under any obligation for any contracts or copyrights that clients/customers enter in to with other parties. All obligations or responsibilities between clients and other parties lie solely with the client and said party.

6) UltiHost is not responsible for content placed on web sites by clients or customers, or anyone under their employment or hire, nor for items provided for placement by said clients or employees. Ultihost is also not responsible for any illegal activities by above mentioned parties. UltiHost should be informed of such activities or actions or content, so that we may take the appropriate action. Contact UltiHost

7) UltiHost retains the right to charge a lease fee of $100 per day, per item, for any pages or items copied or used without permission, or for items of our creation that are claimed to be the creation of others. UltiHost also retains the right to charge a lease fee of $100 per day for items misrepresented or credited as ours, when in fact we did not create them. Unpaid lease fees will be handled by our collection agency and will appear on your credit report. UltiHost will also vigorously pursue any theft of items, and/or copyright infringement, and/or breech of contract. Actions may include, and are not limited to: Contact of current host and/or data center to have offending site deleted (this usually results in a 99% compliance); Lease fees of $100 per day/per item copied from our pages or our client pages; Public Notice postings of all violators and their actions; Billable hours for our processing and pursuit of such matters ($50/hr); Local or Federal prosecution; legal actions such as lawsuits; recovery of all costs incurred for such matters.

8) UltiHost may be contacted for a list of what is copyright to UltiHost, or other organizations, or to the customer, and what is public domain, on a page per page basis. To avoid confusion and to properly process such information requests, each inquiry MUST be for a single page breakdown - requests for information regarding entire sites or domains will be ignored and go unanswered as an improper request with no resulting obligations or liabilities to UltiHost.

9) Other details, copyrights, contractual obligations, and/or exceptions may apply as per individual contracts with each UltiHost customer. UltiHost is not responsible for content provided by our customers or clients - sole responsibility of any content or misinformation presented or provided by anyone other than a representative of UltiHost lies with that source and not UltiHost.

Feel free to Contact UltiHost with any questions regarding these copyrights and rules.

For actual quotes from the United States Copyright law, Click Here.

This notice is subject to change.


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