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Getting Started - What you need to run a Web Site 

There are several things you need to run a business Web Site. They are:

  • Domain Name
  • The Web Site itself
  • Site Hosting
  • Internet Account (Optional)
DOMAIN NAME - A Domain Name is the actual name or "address" of your web site. While many Dial-Up accounts may offer you some free web storage for a web site, having a permanent Domain is far better. People change Internet Service Providers all the time, and therefore, your web site address (and E-Mail) will change too! That's NOT good for business - no one will ever find you!
A Domain Name gives you a permanent "home" on the Internet, and it even gives you a permanent E-Mail address as well! And domain name email looks and sounds more professional to your customers.
We offer Domain Name registration at very reasonable prices, with many free features as well! You can also transfer your Domain Name to our system as well - Be sure to check it out! Click DOMAIN NAMES on our Main Page.
WEB SITE - Obviously you will need a Web Site. You can design one yourself, but there are many "tricks" involved in the design of a good Web Site that will actually run correctly. These include not only the look and programming of the site itself, but also all the hidden aspects that make the site easy to find in the various Search Engines on the Web. If no one can find you, it's not much good having a Web Site! At UltiHost we optimize all the features of your site, so that it runs correctly, and also is Search Page Friendly!
SITE HOSTING - You cannot place a "Domain Name" site on a free web storage location (such as those provided by your ISP). This is because the "free" storage locations have a fixed address that is given to you, and you want the address to be YOUR Domain!
( - not, etc)
This way, no matter where you store your web site, it always has the same address! You can change Dial-Up Accounts, or even Hosting Accounts, and people will still type in the same exact address to get to your website! Plus, you should look for a Host System that is both affordable and has nice features, yet runs on several high speed connections (such as UltiHost) so that your website is always available to the public! Hosting a Domain also is more professional, and gives you Domain Email addresses to use as well, which are also more professional looking than a personal ISP address.
INTERNET ACCOUNT - This is an account that you use to "log on" to the internet. If you are reading this page, you obviously already have an Internet account with someone. UltiHost does not offer Dial-Up accounts. We only Design and Host websites. This allows us to keep costs down, and quality up! ISP's that offer hosting have notoriously SLOW web sites, since much of their connectivity and processing power is used to handle internet connections. But it's a good idea to have access to the internet so you can use Email, since that is a highly preferred method of contact these days.
If you have any questions regarding any of the above, feel free to E-Mail us for more information!
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