Can I create an "Automated Reply" message sent to incorrect email addresses?

Yes, but remember - if this automatically responds to a 'spammer', you may open yourself up to even more junk mail. That said however, we'd recommend the following:

First, your "default" email account should be set to discard incorrect emails by setting it to ":blackhole:". This prevents fake or incorrect email from entering the system. Create other email accounts to handle real mail. Or, you can also have it respond that "no such account exists" - see the Default Email page in Control Panel for all the instructions.

Next, if you desire a custom message, leave the default account set to "blackhole" and create an autoresponder for that account. This will respond, but also delete incorrect emails.

Once again - remember - this may open the door up to tons of spam (junk mail). We usually recommend that you just delete incorrect email, and do not respond.

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