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So you already have a web site or host....

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you happy with the design?
  • Does your site get enough "visits"?
  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Is the Host Server reliable?
  • Can all the pages load as fast as possible?
  • Can you track usage easily with stats?
  • Is the site found in the Search Engines?
  • Are there enough features to easily run your business?

If you answered NO or MAYBE to any of the above questions, your web site may not be benefiting you as well as it could be!

Compare our Hosting System:

Most Data Centers use T1, or T3 connections, or a single backbone connection to deliver your data - we use FIVE Backbone connections! These direct backbone connections (not a T1 or OC3, etc) means your data is delievered faster than anywhere else. The connection is just as fast as the backbones themselves, which deliver all the data across the country to the smaller connections!

Most Data Centers that have just one "route" to deliver your information to your site visitor can encounter traffice along the way. Our system seeks the best possible route in milliseconds and makes sure the data travels via the fastest path to your customer. If the transfer encounters net traffic, it will instantly switch to a better path.

This, along with features such as gigabit switches to allow the largest packet sizes, and intelligent routers, all create the fastest delivery system possible.

And that will impress visitors to your web site! As a comparison, our sites load 2.5X faster than GoDaddy hosting.

Compare our Web Site Design:

Anyone can buy some software and create a web site. Or use free web design software. But there's more to it than that.

Things like embedding certain items (in the right amounts) to let the Search Engines find your site (as well as other design factors to aid searching) are critical to a good web site that can be found. DId you know that 'free' sites you can do yourself do not have these features? And what good is a web site that no one can find?

And not only does the site have to look good, it also has to be easy to navigate so as to not frustrate your visitors. We take the time to set up a site correctly, and even advise you when certain things you may want to include are a mistake, or when you need things to improve the site. We know what works well with the public, and what doesn't.

Let us check out your present site or host for FREE!

If you would like us to evaluate your present web site and host system, just send us an email with the URL and we will be happy to give you an honest, comparative evalutation!

See if your site and host compare to UltiHost. (Read our Technical Info page for the host details!) Don't cheat yourself - contact us today and request a free evaluation!